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Business Profile
ADP is Canada's leading provider of integrated business administrative solutions that help companies of all sizes efficiently manage their internal processes, allowing them to focus on core competencies. Services include payroll, human resources management, time and labour management, occupational health and safety services, comprehensive outsourcing and consulting services. ADP pays one in five Canadians.
Business History
ADP Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Automatic Data Processing, Inc., a global, Fortune 500 company headquartered in the U.S.

Founded in 1949 by two entrepreneurs, ADP, Inc. was one of the first companies to provide outside payroll processing services to American corporations, relieving clients of the burdens and complexities of this essential business function. In doing so, ADP was also among the earliest participants in a trend that has become known as “outsourcing” – a trend that continues to grow stronger every business day. Today, ADP, Inc. is one of the world’s largest independent computing services companies, providing computerized transaction processing, data communications, software and information services to over 550,000 clients worldwide. ADP, Inc. has total annual revenues of $8 billion, employs over 41,000 associates and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as ADP.

ADP Canada began operations in 1979 as a joint venture between ADP, Inc. and the Bank of Montreal. In 1992, ADP, Inc. purchased the Bank of Montreal’s interest in ADP Canada, and it became a wholly owned subsidiary of ADP, Inc. ADP Canada acquired the ScotiaBank’s payroll services division in 1996, and, in 1997, doubled in size through the acquisition of the Royal Bank of Canada’s payroll services operations. In 1996, ADP Inc. also purchased GSI, a European based organization, thereby acquiring and adding a Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS) product to ADP Canada’s core suite of products and services.

In early 2005, ADP acquired Groupe AST and its affiliated companies, including FHS- Focus on Health and Safety, AST Assurances, Solutions OptimiSST and Groupe AGI. With this acquisition, ADP’s client base grows to more than 50,000 organizations across Canada.

Today, ADP is the leading provider of Employer Services in Canada providing a comprehensive range of payroll, human resources management, benefits administration, time & labour management, occupational health and safety, comprehensive outsourcing and consulting services to businesses across the country. Our suite of services also includes tax filing and reporting services. With major offices in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax and Calgary, and smaller, satellite operations in ten other Canadian communities, we employ approximately 1,800 Canadian associates.
We are committed to providing World Class Service levels that exceed our clients' requirements and expectations with solutions that enable them to succeed in their businesses.

We define service broadly, from initial contact with a prospect, to product quality, to anticipating client needs and preferences, to over-all client satisfaction. It requires associates to treat every interaction with a client as an opportunity to enhance that client's perception of ADP.

We are committed to advancing a World Class Service vision in the belief that service quality is the ultimate competitive advantage for our businesses.

We see World Class Service as a journey where, whenever we approach an identified destination, we increase our objectives and raise our goals in order to become even better.
World Class Service, Employer of Choice, Product Leadership.
Our core values are the foundation for all our activities. Our ever-evolving culture is guided by our core values, by motivated, results-oriented associates, and by our desire to be a World Class Service company and an employer of choice.

We must nurture a culture of ideas, questions, challenges, feedback and prudent risk-taking without the fear of occasional failure.

We must maintain an environment for top performers to progress as rapidly as they effectively can. We are a meritocracy where advancement is based on ability. We try to fill most new career opportunities by internal promotion, while also supplementing our environment with external hires.

To encourage an open, informal flow of communications, we support an apolitical, candid environment that quickly responds to constructive input. We encourage lateral and vertical communications, both inside and outside of formal reporting relationships. We support an environment where constructive differences of opinion are encouraged and welcome. And in the end, after differing viewpoints have been clearly registered in interactive discussion, we also recognize the need for final decisions with effective communication and implementation.

We ask each associate for a more than usual amount of conscientiousness and flexibility, because service excellence to our clients requires us to accommodate client needs and schedules. We must always do what it takes to suit client convenience because ADP is a critical information lifeline to most of our clients. While doing so, we should also try to minimize avoidable inconveniences to our associates and their families.
The broadest range of services that help employers increase productivity, ensure compliance, improve employee retention and control costs.

  • Payroll Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Time and Labour Management
  • Comprehensive Outsourcing Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Occupational Health & Safety Services
  • Travel & Expenses Management
  • Global Services

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