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Garland Company
Business Profile

The Garland Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance roofing and flooring solutions for commercial, industrial, and public properties.

It offers the industry’s most comprehensive customer support services, including a unique Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP®).

Its innovative products and facility management solutions have been extending the life cycle of buildings for over a century.
With Garland as your facilities management partner, you can count on the most effective and efficient use of your roofing and flooring maintenance expenditures. Their attention to the smallest details ensures that every square foot of your properties will be scrutinized and protected for optimum short and long-term performance.

Business History

2000 Garland launches its line of environmentally friendly roofing materials.
1999 Garland revolutionized the roofing industry with the most technologically advanced modified bitumen manufacturing line
1997 Garland purchases a standing seam manufacturing facility and provides unmatched metal roof system performance
1995 The Garland Company, Inc. celebrates 100 years of continuous growth and success.
1994 Garland purchases land for additional warehouse expansion. ISO certification is achieved
1991 The Garland Company, Inc. purchases R-Mer Lite insulated steel roofing systems
1989 The Garland Company, Inc. expands employee ownership through the ESOP program
1987 Garland Canada is formed
1980 The Garland Company, Inc. expands successful StressPly product line
1978 Milan Warford joins The Garland Company, Inc. and begins research and development of a new modified bitumen roofing membrane.
1974 On May 1st, Doug Raynow, Dick Olivier and Mel Chrostowski enter into an agreement to purchase the Garland Company, Inc. By year’s end, they are joined by Richard J. DeBacco, Perry Demming, Bill Oley, and Elmer Soliday.
1955 Garland celebrates its 60th anniversary.
1950 the agricultural portion of Garland business continues to expand with the manufacture and distribution of a wide product line of caulking, shading compounds, and putty for greenhouses.
1942 Garland produces a reclamation system for spray paint used to camouflage World WAR II military vehicles
1930 Garland adds a product line of consumer house paints
1919 Garland purchases large plant and warehouse property and expands its product line to include paint, roofing, and flooring materials for industrial and agricultural use.
1914 Company name is changed under Ohio law to the Garland Company
1895 J.B. Wise purchases Garland Refining Company for $100.00


Garland's vision is to keep your buildings profitable and thriving for the longest possible time, knowing it has contributed to your success.


"It is our people, particularly our sales people, who are responsible for this company's success"

Individual salesmen remain the driving force of Garland’s success. Their secret? Serving the customer with an unwavering commitment to quality and a single-minded responsiveness to individual requirements.


When a company has been around for an entire century that usually means it's doing something right.

Garland is recognized as a leader in the industry for the knowledge and problem-solving expertise of its sales force. To succeed in this business requires not only the ability to learn and apply product knowledge and selling techniques; it also requires genuine desire to solve problems and to build long-term relationships with your customers.

“We attribute this success to the dedication, hard work, and ability of our sales force. In order to achieve our corporate goals, our expansion program dictates that we open new sales territories throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries around the world”


Through a willingness to reinvent everything about itself - except for its unwavering commitment to customers and employees - Garland was able to achieve tremendous growth and success around the world.


  • Modified Bitumen
    • StressPly®
    • StressPly®
    • StressPly® E
    • StressPLy® SA FR Mineral
    • StressPlyl® EUV
    • VersiPly
    • Underlayments

  • Coatings and Mastics
    • Cold Process Adhesives
    • Reflective Coatings
    • Restoration Treatments
    • Coal-Tar Systems
    • Accessories

  • Metal Roofs
    • R-Mer Lite®
    • R-Mer Span
    • R-Mer Loc
    • R-Mer Seam
    • R-Mer Clad
    • R-Mer Edge
    • R-Mer Ply

  • Flooring
    • High Performance Flooring
    • Flooring Maintenance

  • Local Representatives
  • RAMP
  • 22 Step Roof Management
  • Research and Development
  • ISO Certification
  • Manufacturing
  • Specs & Details
  • Warranty
  • GSA
  • AIA


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