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Our search consultants are committed to establishing a respectful, ethical and professional relationship with every client. To this end, we follow the professional standards as outlined in this document, the Client Charter.
Our consultants respect your privacy and recognize the importance of client confidentiality. As such, our consultants will:

  • Never use confidential information for anything other than conducting the search to which they are assigned
  • Never disclose confidential information to anyone other than relevant colleagues within the firm and legitimate candidates
  • Identify when and which information can be revealed to candidates and sources
The Search
Our consultants will conduct your search assignment using the following best practices:

  • Outline in a written assignment brief the identity of the client organization, the position description, candidate qualifications, fee agreements and terms and conditions of the assignment, including any restrictions
  • Execute a focused search in line with the strategy discussed with the client
  • Prepare a position description and provide this to candidates
  • Evaluate candidates by means of thorough face-to-face interviews and competence testing as appropriate
  • Provide the client with assignment status reports
  • Provide the client with detailed candidate briefs as appropriate
  • Provide the client with a contingency plan if no appropriate candidates transpire
  • Agree on the reference checking protocol for the assignment (who will call, who will be called, what questions will be asked)
  • Conduct reference checks only with the permission of the candidate, and be cognizant of laws and privacy issues that may vary internationally
Conflicts of Interest
Our consultants recognize that conflicts of interest must be avoided. As such, expect them to discuss with you potential conflicts of interest, including but not limited to:

  • Restrictions on which companies can be contacted due to business and personal relationships, from both the client's and our company's perspectives
  • Presentation of candidates to other clients
Legislative Responsibility
Our consultants carry out search activity in a professional, ethical, and legal manner. As such, they will make you aware of and adhere to relevant employment laws and public policy.
At wwwork! we are proud of the service that we provide and aim to be leaders in the search industry. We are confident that clients, candidates, colleagues and service partners will all benefit from our approach to customer advocacy.