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Their Objectives Are: To advocate for RPNs in diverse settings resulting in optimum client health services. To promote a closer working relationship with other health and related organizations. To promote the benefits of membership to RPNs in order to ensure a strong and unified professional voice. To enhance the professional competencies of RPNs by ensuring the research, development and delivery of quality educational programs. To advocate for optimum client health services through policy, legislation and regulation.

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Client Testimonials
"Great job helping us recruit the right people for Toronto and Halifax locations! Both territories were critical for us, and therefore it was a critical hire. We needed to find the right person for the job. The challenge, of course, was collecting a group of candidates in both locations. Even more challenging was collecting a group of the right sort of candidates without wasting both, our time and the time of the various individuals. Our wwwork! consultant did a great job, first, understanding our business, and then, understanding my own goals and objectives. He was then able to combine this knowledge with understanding of the market and come up with some very good candidates. I have to say that every individual that was put in front of me was good, and probably all were capable of doing the job. This made my job of selecting the perfect candidate even harder. I guess that is not a bad problem to have. Keep up the good work!"

Director of Sales
Digital Imaging Company
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