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Business acumen is a social skill: Your organization thrives by seeking new activities and relationships, and by generating and fulfilling expectations. Design is a process for imagining and producing these activities, relationships, and expectations. In other words, good design produces good business. In fact, research by the UKís Design Council shows that organizations that invest in design see big returns. So, how do you want to interact with others? What will best serve your objectives? How will you impact attitudes and behaviour? Whatís the feel that makes your work unique?
For Pylon, these questions initiate a process of collaboration, research, creative thought, experimentation, and immersion in your story. By the end of the process you may know more about your business than you ever wanted to. Pylon loves this collaboration. And it produces tangible results that achieve your specific objectives with clarity. The world needs better business ó letís make it happen.

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Client Testimonials
"Thank you for doing an excellent job. It is not very often we all get lucky with the first candidate. We were all very impressed and are delighted that she has made the decision to join our company. I just finished speaking with her and she is very happy. A good outcome all around!"

VP Sales
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