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ReadySet HIRED! is an online monthly newsletter which features advice, guidance, and answers for individuals who are actively searching in the marketplace for employment.
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Message from the Editor
Welcome to ReadySet HIRED! We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new interactive website www.readysethired.com, designed to take you step by step through the job search process, from getting started right through to beginning your new job. With 10 easy steps, 50 different actions and dozens of downloadable resources including checklists, worksheets and an e-book, the ReadySet HIRED! website provides you with everything you will need to manage a successful job search.

In last month’s newsletter, you read about Lois and Peter working with recruiters. This month, you’ll learn how they each use networking to help them in their respective job searches. For the rest of the year, we’ll be following their progress as they go through the various stages of looking for a job, including interviewing, following up, negotiating and resigning. There’s a lot to be learned from their strengths and setbacks, so stick with Lois and Peter on their way to getting ReadySet HIRED!
My Coaching
Following up is the cardinal rule of networking. This includes following up with the primary contact to indicate your thanks and to keep you on their radar. If it’s appropriate, suggest a follow up meeting or conversation to keep each other updated and to share ideas. It also includes following up promptly with any referrals you are given. This is important, as your actions make a statement, and will reflect either well or poorly on the person who provided the referrals - don't let them down.
As a seasoned salesperson, Peter’s is a talented and confident networker. Whether it’s networking with recruiters, connecting with known contacts or making cold calls, he’s always ready to pick up the phone. Peter is also quite an active networker off the phone. He regularly attends networking, association and industry events. He’s always got plenty of business cards on hand and freely passes them out. He also makes a habit of helping people he meets as best he can, in terms of offering advice or referrals.

From time to time, Lois goes on a “networking binge”, calling all her known contacts and letting them know that she’s moved from account management to marketing. She’s not shy about asking if they happen to be hiring at the moment. Of course, they’ve never had to evaluate her technical skills, and might be hard pressed to put in more than a good word for her, never mind recommending her for hire. Ultimately, her networking approach leaves her somewhat empty handed, so she turns back to the job boards. A missed opportunity for Lois in these networking calls is asking for referrals to other people and companies. Despite being a great communicator, Lois doesn’t much fancy herself a cold caller, and tends to shy away from reaching out to unknown contacts. Even contacts one degree of separation from her network seem somewhat daunting.

Peter keeps meticulous track of his networking activities. He’s very disciplined about following up with his networking contacts. People find him gracious, personable and generous, which makes them more willing to open up to Peter and help him out if they can. The secret of networking is “you get out of it what you put into it”. Peter lives but this rule, and he credits effective networking with getting him one step closer to getting the job he wants. Peter considers keeping in touch with recruiting contacts an essential activity in his networking efforts. It is through his recruiting network that Peter is currently making the greatest strides in his job search.

Another missed opportunity for Lois is in following up with her network contacts. If a networking interaction doesn’t result in an immediate gain for her (and it rarely does), she tends to let it go. This is partially from neglect, and partially from being disorganized and not having a network call management system in place. Furthermore, since quitting her job, her network contacts don’t have her current coordinates, and can’t reach her even when they try.

In our upcoming newsletters, we'll continue to follow Lois and Peter throughout their job search. Maybe you'll recognize yourself in one of them, and maybe you'll learn something along the way. For more tips to help you with your job search, visit www.readysethired.com.
5 Networking Actions
Here’s a summary of the five ReadySet HIRED! networking actions.
Click Here for more detailed descriptions of these networking actions on our website.
Determine your objectives
Decide which networking activities (cold calls, networking events, etc.) will be most effective and fruitful for you. You have the opportunity to network every day, so take the time to set clear objectives and work towards them.

Know what to say
Prepare a personal pitch that clearly and concisely describes your positioning. Practice your 30-second “commercial” about who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for.

Listen and ask questions
Effective communication and effective networking require excellent listening skills. Asking open-ended questions facilitates discussion and indicates to the listener that you are interested in what they have to say.
Be generous when networking, and offer to help people by providing contacts, resources and information as freely and as best you can. The rewards may not be immediate, but they can be valuable.

Manage your network
Keep your network organized. Make it a habit to keep a record of your objectives, activities, outcomes, and follow up commitments. Periodically review your contact list and keep in touch regularly.
Top 10 Networking Mistakes
  • Stay current in your field.
  • Use online professional networking services.
  • Volunteer or join an association/ board.
  • Contribute to a newsletter or write informative articles, and send them to your network contacts.
"The way of the world is meeting people through other people." -Robert Kerrigan

"It’s never crowded along the extra mile." -Wayne Dyer

"You can use your business card to get the other person's business card. As far as I'm concerned, this is the one truly legitimate benefit of business cards." -Bob Burg
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Questions and Feedback
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