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Vision and Mission...

Vision: Danone Waters of Canada will be the number one fresh, natural, spring water provider in Canada.

Mission: Danone Waters of Canada will set the standard of excellence for quality and service of fresh, natural spring water consumed in homes and offices in Canada.
Who we are...
Danone Waters of Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of Groupe Danone. Its core mission is to help people around the world grow, live better and get more out of life every day!

It is Canada's largest 18 Litre producer with 7 Manufacturing Plants, producing close to 20 million bottles a year!

It is Canada's largest bottled water distributor with 27 Distribution Centers, deploying 4 million deliveries per year!

It is Canada's largest water company servicing 219,435 customers with 1 million calls per year!

The four major brands are:
Canadian Springs Water-Company, Crystal Springs, Labrador, Sparkling Springs.
Our History
2004 Retail division experiences name change to Danone Naya Waters
2004 Official name change to Danone Waters of Canada Inc.
2003 Acquisition of Sparkling Spring Water
2002 Official name change to Danone Waters of North America
2000 Groupe Danone purchases McKesson Water Products in the US and Naya in Canada
1998 Aquaterra split into two operating divisions (Ontario and Quebec)
1997 Labrador Laurentian Inc. formed to service the Quebec HOD market (50% Aquaterra, 50% McCAll Family)
1996 Aquaterra acquires an 83% interest in Laurentian Spring Valley Inc., # 2 player in the Toronto and Montreal markets. Becomes Canada's largest bottled water company
1995 Aquaterra purchases Maqua, # 1 player in the Ottawa market
1994 Group Danone purchases 80% interest in Aquaterra Corporation
1992 Aquaterra Corporation purchases Crystal Springs and Labrador from Nestle
1990 Crystal Springs purchases Caledon Springs, # 3 player in the Toronto market
1983 Nestle purchases Crystal Springs
1979 Nestle purchases Labrador
1968 Labrador established in Quebec
1963 Crystal Springs established in Ontario
Where We Are
Today, Danone Waters of Canada has locations in almost all regions in Canada, with headquarters in the province of Ontario. It is located at 1200 Britannia Road, East, Mississauga, Ontario.

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