Our History
What We Do
  • As Canada's leading overnight courier company, Purolator Courier Ltd. (Purolator) of Mississauga, Ontario is committed to making shipping the easiest part of the day for its customers. From automated solutions to around-the-clock pick up and delivery, Purolator provides its customers with the services and customized solutions required to get their shipments across town or around the world.

  • From its humble beginnings, Purolator now employs over 12,500 people across Canada, and is recognized as one of Canada's largest employers. Every day, Purolator delivers to more locations in Canada than any other courier - whether you need your package to arrive the next business day, the next morning by 9AM or 10:30AM, the next week, or even on a Saturday. Handling more than 5.5 million pieces each week (pick up and delivery), Purolator's network consists of 143 operations locations including three main Hub facilities, 14 regional depot/hubs and 12 foot-courier locations.
Where We Are
Today, Purolator has locations all across Canada, with head office in the province of Ontario. It is located at 5995 Avebury Road, Mississauga, Ontario.

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